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I'm Sarah, the Complete Female Coach. 

I've been on a long journey of self discovery. Growing up I found myself suffering with irregular periods and instead of my symptoms ever being treated and finding out the route cause, I was told to go on the contraceptive pill. I ended up not having a period for many years and would wonder why I had really bad acne as well as other stomach problems. Eventually I had decided that the pill just wasn't right for me. This sent me on an adventure of discovering more about the female body and how to serve her properly. 

After having my son,  and even though he brought so much love and joy into our lives, I was not prepared for how much my body was going to change. When I was pregnant I was stretched out to my limit. I was huge. After having my son (and even though I had an amazing home birth), I struggled to accept the changes I had gone through in my body. This caused me a lot of anxiety, and I even suffered with a panic attack through the stress of my overreactive brain. I would worry about everything and I would feel as though I had this cloud hanging over my head that just wouldn't clear.

Once I started noticing how I was feeling and accepting this is where my mind was I started to read some self-discovery books. I wanted to get my body and mind back into a healthier state, knowing that I couldn't keep going in the direction I was. I started a journey into fitness and nutrition, with a real focus on understanding the female body. Whilst I was getting fitter I found that my mood was improving and I was starting to accept my body again.


I then became fascinated with female hormones, studying the impact the pill and lifestyle choices had on our bodies. I was shocked to find out so much information that could have had a positive impact on my life if I had been taught it as a teenager. 


It has since become my passion to help other women learn more about their bodies, working with them to regain balance and control over their lives. As a certified holistic nutrition and professional life coach, I create custom plans for each one of my clients because we are all unique and require different things to get our body into a harmonious state. I love listening to my clients stories, working with them and their lifestyles to get them back to feeling strong, in control and happy. 


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